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NWEA Algebra

Quick Facts

  • Students enrolled in Algebra 1
  • Assesses progress in algebraic learning
  • Fall, Winter, and Spring
  • Computer adaptive assessment

NWEA Algebra Growth assessment is given three times a year to students currently enrolled in Algebra 1. The NWEA assessments is a computer adaptive assessment. The results will provide a more complete picture of what students know and are ready to learn as well as areas of suggested focus that will help students to fill in gaps in their knowledge. This assessment is used to track progress and will not be used as part of the course grade.

This assessment provides valuable information regarding growth and progress in Algebra 1 standard proficiency.

It also helps teachers to identify student areas of success and standards that need
further development. Scores will assist teachers in targeted instruction.

Understanding NWEA Algebra Growth Scores

RIT Scores

The RIT score measures the students achievement level in a particular subject. Students will earn and overall RIT Score, as well as a RIT score for Algebra, Number and Data, and Functions. The use of this score can help identify growth over time, areas of strength, and suggested areas of focus.


This score reflects your students achievement during one term's test. The Quintile score breaks the student achievement into five categories:

  • Below Average (0-21)
  • Low Average (21-40)
  • Average (41-60)
  • High Average (61-80)
  • Above Average (80-100)

Percentile Rank

A percentile rank indicates how well a student performed in comparison to the students in the specific norm group, for example, in the same grade and subject. A student's percentile rank indicates that the student scored as well as, or better than, the percent of students in the norm group.