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STAR Testing 20-21


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​STAR Testing Online

*Elementary-​​​C​lick here to view a video of the directions below.

​​​​*MS and HS-Click h​ere ​to view a video of the directions below.​​​

​Dear Parents/Guardians and Students​:

Rockwood annually provides STAR Math, STAR Reading and Fastbridge literacy assessments to understand what students know and are ready to learn. These assessments offer insight to support students with areas of need or enrichment. Due to our school closures this past spring, we were unable to offer our Reading and Math assessments with STAR and FASTbridge. 

Within the next few weeks, your child will participate in our first-ever remote administration of assessments to inform teachers about his/her instructional needs.  The information from these assessments helps teachers individualize instruction and learning for all students.  Results will not be used as part of the grade, rather to support student learning and growth.  We will be sending copies of the reports home via email once testing has been completed.

With this being the first remote administration of STAR and FASTbridge assessments, we are asking for your partnership in  helping provide your child with an environment that is conducive for working independently.  Your child’s classroom teacher will let you know the directions and dates associated with the assessments.  To avoid potential difficulties related to internet connectivity, the classroom teacher will be providing the directions and expectations during a live Zoom call.  We are asking that an adult be present during testing to help with any technical difficulty and provide encouragement throughout the assessment.  We also ask that you avoid helping your child answer test questions: encourage them to select the best choice they see to ensure we receive accurate results that can be used to support your child’s learning.

About the Test


  • Schedule enough time for the test so your student isn't feeling rushed.
  • Ensure a quiet testing area that is free from distractions.
  • Check that your computer audio is set appropriately if needed. 
  • Please read ALL directions below BEFORE clicking to take the Star test below.


Video Instructions for Students

*​​C​lick here to view video directio​​​ns for eleme​ntary​.​​​​​​*Click h​ere ​to view video directions for MS and HS

​Instructions for Test Administration


Click on the STAR icon below to review test instructions:​

​​​STAR Early Literacy tile.JPGSTAR Reading tile.JPG
  • (Kin​dergarten) Click here to view how to take this test on an iPad.​​​​​ 

  • (1st grade) Click here ​to view how to take this test on a Chromebook or laptop.

  • Headphones (as needed)

  • Scratch paper/pencil
  • Headphones (as needed)
  • Scratch paper/pencil
NOT allowed:
  • Calculators


Login Steps

1. Click the Clever (Live link below)


and select the Renaissance tile

STAR Renaissance tile.JPG 

2. Select the appropriate tile for the test your student needs to take. (*Your teacher should have provided the STAR test name and color.)​

STAR tiles.JPG 

3. Verify the student's name is correct at the top of the screen and that the correct test name is shown.

4. Enter the monitor password, *Contact your teacher for the monitor password when testing outside of the window., when prompted.

monitor password.JPG ​

*The test may start with practice questions for the student to answer. The practice questions look just like the real test. When the student completes the practice questions, the real test will begin automatically.


Pausing/Resuming a Star Test 

*Contact your teacher for the monitor password when testing outside of the window.


Pausing a Star Test:

1. If the student needs to leave the room unexpectedly while taking the test, you can stop a test by selecting Stop Test in the upper-right corner of the screen. A prompt will ask if you want to resume the test later, stop the test, or cancel the action. Use this ONLY when necessary. 

stop test.JPG 

2. Choose Resume Later to save the test so the student can resume later. *A student has 8 days to resume the test at the point where they left off but will see a different item.

3. To ensure the test is stopped, you will need to enter the monitor password, contact your teacher for the monitor password when testing outside of the window. *If the monitor password is not entered, the test will continue until it times out.

monitor password.JPG 

Resuming a Star Test:

1. Follow the log in directions above and choose the Star test the student needs to resume.

2. Enter the monitor password, contact your teacher for the monitor password when testing outside of the window., when prompted.

3. Select Start to resume test.

resume test.JPG ​​​


It is time to take the Star test!

I have read ALL directions above and am ready to take the Star test.

Click on the Clever icon below to get started. 

(Log in with Google)​



Reports and Results

Parents will receive a STAR Parent Report once we have completed testing​.  This video reviews the information included in the report.



Help or Assistance During Testing

Who do I call for help?

Contact Rockwood Data Team-636-733-2150 if:

  • Your child got kicked out of a STAR test?
  • Your child does not see the correct STAR test to click on to take the test.

Contact Rockwood Help Desk-636-733-1111 (Hours: Monday-Friday 7:00 am-4:30 p.m) if:

  • Your child's device is not working correctly.
  • ​Click here​ to see how to update your Chromebook.
​Please report the following information for troubleshooting technical difficulties
  • Student name(s)
  • The time when the error occurred
  • Exact error (code/description if displayed)
  • Device type (desktop, Chromebook, Laptop, etc.)
  • Who was logged into the computer