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Policy 1405 - Media Relations and News Coverage

​​​The Board encourages the staff to work cooperatively with the news media regarding coverage of the district, its operations, its programs and accomplishments.

News and special event advisories, whether originating from students or staff, should be submitted to the department of communications for approval and proper dissemination to the media. Such protocol ensures consistently proper and professional relationships with members of the press.

When a student or staff member is to be interviewed or photographed by the media, the supervising administrator, staff member or individual contacted by the media is to inform the district's Executive Director Communications/designee. In like manner, the Executive Director of Communications/designee will inform the school if such contact originates with the department of communications.

If the issue is sensitive or controversial, the Executive Director of Communications will consult with the Superintendent. Sensitive or controversial issues include, but are not limited to the following topics: drugs, alcohol, sex, gangs, weapons, violence and race.

If the topic of interview or photography is sensitive or controversial in nature, parental consent is strongly recommended when students are involved. In the absence of parental consent, a student's participation in an interview will be determined after careful consideration by the school administrator, chief communications officer and/or the Superintendent. In such a case, parents should be notified as soon as possible.

At all times, the Executive Director of Communications​/designee and/or an adult representative of the school should be present when students are interviewed or photographed in conjunction with a school or district function. The presiding adult may intercede in the interview or photography any time he/she judges the questions or images to conflict with the best interests of the student or the district.


1400 - School/Community Relations

Adopted Date

August 3, 2000

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