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Policy 1430 - Visitors to Schools

Parents and patrons of the district are encouraged to visit district schools. However, all visitors during the regular school day shall check in at the building office prior to proceeding elsewhere in the building. Parent or patron visits to the classroom must be approved in advance by the teacher and/or principal. The Board and administration will not tolerate any person or persons whose presence disturbs classes or school activities or hinders the instructional process. If such persons will not leave the school premises upon request, the building principal/designee may refer charges to the proper legal authorities.

Visitation by preschool children and/or children in the classroom from other schools shall be discouraged. All children who are visiting the schools must report to the principal's office and receive approval prior to attending classes.

The Board discourages using the school as a site for noncustodial parent/child visitation. The principal may deny the noncustodial parent the opportunity to deliver packages, gifts, messages, etc., to the child and/or to see the child during the school day without the approval of the custodial parent/guardian.


1400 - School/Community Relations

Adopted Date

August 3, 2000

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