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Policy 2310 - Student Absences and Excuses

​​​​​​​The purpose of the attendance policy of the district is to encourage regular school attendance. The Board believes that regular and punctual attendance is an important factor in a student's success in school.

The Board of Education authorizes the use of homebound instruction for students with health concerns or medical conditions that would require a school absence of at least ten school days. Application for homebound instruction must be made through the Coordinator Special Education/504 and Homebound or the superintendent’s designee. Homebound instruction is available to students whose medical condition warrant such needs. This determination will be made in consultation with the student’s medical provider.

The amount or type of instruction or supportive service provided through the homebound program shall be determined on a case-by-case basis, in relation to each student’s educational needs and health. The appropriate school personnel will work with the student to ensure a smooth transition back to the school site when homebound is no longer necessary.

This policy does not apply to homebound instruction for students with disabilities, which is governed by district Policy 6250​ and Regulation 6250​.​

An integral part of the learning experience is the interaction between students and teachers. Students who are absent from school are not able to participate in class discussions, small-group activities, or class experiments. They miss out on explanations of concepts and ideas that will appear on homework assignments and tests. Missing school results in poor work habits, lower grades, lower self-esteem, and a lack of self-discipline.

Since there is a direct relationship between attendance, grades, and success in school, the Board believes that students must maintain a good attendance record. This attendance policy has attempted to establish reasonable standards regarding absences with the purpose of encouraging and supporting students toward achieving the highest possible academic success.

In order to ensure that attendance is accurately recorded and maintained, the Superintendent or designee will review the monthly attendance records of the district.

Additional Cross References

Policy 6250 - Instruction for Students with Disabilities​
Regulation 6250 - Instruction for Students with Disabilities

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2300 – Student Attendance

Adopted Date

August 3, 2000

Cross Reference

Regulation 2310 - Student Absences and Excuses

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