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Policy 2663 - Expulsion

​​Expulsion - This type of suspension is defined as removal of the student from school premises for disciplinary purposes for an indefinite period of time from all district schools. All credit for work ceases immediately. This action requires that the principal suspend the student for ten (10) days. The principal may recommend to the Superintendent/designee that the student be expelled and the Superintendent/designee may then make a recommendation to the Board that such action be taken. The Superintendent/designee may also make a recommendation to the Board for expulsion without the principal's recommendation. The Board must act on this recommendation, but the student has a right to a hearing before the Board if requested.

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DocumentForm NumberLast Modified
Student Discipline and Consequences Handbook 2019-202012/9/19


2600 – Student Discipline

Adopted Date

August 3, 2000

Cross Reference

Regulation 2663 - Expulsion

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