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Policy 2840 - Food Allergy Management

​​​​​It is the objective of Rockwood School District to provide a safe environment for all students, including those with life threatening food allergies, to promote an understanding of their needs to the wider school community, and provide guidelines that outline prevention strategies and treatment protocols that allow staff to respond to individual circumstances and provide necessary emergency treatment. This policy applies to district facilities to which students have access and includes transportation provided by the district.

Management of student allergies will be through a team approach of the student, parent or guardian, the Coordinated School Health Council and district staff including, but not limited to, the building administrator, nurse, and classroom teacher.

The Board hereby incorporates in this Policy the requirements and provisions of Regulation 2840, as now existing or may hereafter be amended, which shall at all times be consistent with and satisfy all the requirements of Section 167.208 of the Missouri Statutes.


2800 – Student Services

Adopted Date

January 3, 2008

Cross Reference

Regulation 2840 - Food Allergy Management

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