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Policy 2870 - Administering Medicines to Students

​​​​​​​It shall be the policy of the Board o​​​f Education that the giving of medicine to students during school hours be discouraged and restricted to medication that cannot be given on an alternative schedule. The Board of Education recognizes that some students may require medication for chronic or short term illness/injury or disabling condition during the school day to enable them to remain in school and participate in their educatio​n. The Board of Education hereby grants students the authority to possess and self-administer medicine prescribed or ordered by a physician for the treatment of chronic health conditions, including asthma or anaphylaxis, as required by law and in accordance with the requirements in District Regulation 2870. The Superintendent, in collaboration with the district nursing staff, will establish administrative regulations for storing and administering medications in compliance with this policy and pursuant to state and federal law. 

​Administering Medications when the Nurse is Unavailable 

The administration of medication, including over-the-counter medications, is a nursing activity governed by the State of Missouri Nurse Practice Act. It must be performed by the registered professional school nurse. Said nurse may delegate the administration of medication to unlicensed personnel who are qualified by education, knowledge and skill to do so and who are appropriately trained by and under the direction of the registered professional nurse. Said registered professional nurse must develop written procedures for training unlicensed personnel in the administration of medications, devise protocols for the administration of medications by unlicensed personnel, and train unlicensed personnel in the administration of medication. The registered professional nurse shall document the requisite education, training, and competency verification for any unlicensed personnel administering medication pursuant to this Policy. 

When the nurse is unavailable, the following procedures shall apply: 

1.) Repackaging of medications into single doses will be performed by the registered professional school nurse. The nurse will record as a field trip or after school medication in the comment section of the Health Office Visit tab within the health module of Infinite Campus.

2.) Repackaged medications will be labeled with:
Teacher name
Student name
Dosage to be given (# of pills if in pill form)
Time to be given

3.) The individual giving medication on a field trip or after school will record the time given and signature on the pill envelope or the inhaler/Epi Pen bag label and return the envelope and bag to the nurse. 

4.) The nurse will include the record of the administration of the medicine in the student health file by stapling the envelopes/labels to the Request for Medication Form which is on file and remains a part of the cumulative health record.

The nurse will train annually, and follow appropriate delegation procedures for teachers and other staff who may be expected to handle medication administration, including, but not limited to oral medications, metered dose inhalers and epinephrine auto-injectors.​

Emergency Medications

The Board of Education authorizes school nurses to determine and maintain an adequate supply of prefilled auto syringes of epinephrine and asthma-related rescue medications in all student occupied buildings in the District, for administration in emergency situations in accordance with Regulation 2870. The District also provides and maintains naloxone for all school buildings serving students in grades 9-12 for administration in emergency situations in accordance with Regulation 2870.

An individual prescription or written permission from a parent/guardian is not necessary to administer these medications in an emergency situation.

The school principal or designee will maintain a list of students who cannot, according to their parents/guardians, receive epinephrine, asthma-related rescue medications, or naloxone. A current copy of the list will be kept with the stock medications at all times.

Medications District Personnel Will Not Administer

Unless required by law to administer a medication to accommodate a disability:

  • School nurses who question the necessity of administering a particular medication during the school day may, after consultation with the superintendent or designee, require a written directive by the student's healthcare provider that states why the medication must be administered at school.

  • The District will not administer any medication, including any homeopathic or naturopathic preparation or supplement, which is not regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

  • The District may also refuse to administer any medication for other reasons listed in this Policy or Regulation 2870.​


2800 – Student Services

Adopted Date

August 3, 2000

Cross Reference

Regulation 2870 - Administering Medicines to Students

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