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Policy 2936 - Social Activities

​​​​1.) All school parties and social functions must be held within the district unless permission is obtained from the Superintendent/designee to schedule the social event elsewhere.

2.) School dances may not be scheduled on a night before an instructional day. Dances during vacation periods may be held on any night except Sunday.

3.) The dances shall be limited to pupils enrolled in the building, except a high school student may bring one outside guest, provided the name of the guest is recorded in advance with the principal. If a student leaves a social event, the student may not return later.

4.) Social events scheduled for Saturday nights must be concluded by 12:00 midnight.

5.) Junior-Senior Proms may be held off campus. The school authorities shall retain authority to control and discipline the school function as though it was being held on school property.


2900 – Student Activities and Athletics

Adopted Date

August 3, 2000

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