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Policy 6450 - Grading and Reporting


​​​​​​​​​A five letter grading scale, using the letters "A", "B", "C", "D" (1977) and "F" shall be used for grades 6-12.  The Board-approved report cards for grades K-5 will be used at all elementary schools.

In accordance with our district’s mission, we believe the purpose of grading and reporting is to communicate to students, parents/guardians, and educators an accurate reflection of what a student knows and is able to do.

Student performance will be reported in two separate ways:

1)  Academic achievement which is an accurate evaluation of what a student knows and is able to do.

2)  Non-academic indicators which describe the actions and behaviors that support academic achievement.

Therefore, grading and reporting of academic achievement and nonacademic indicators is designed to:

  • Communicate class expectations, grading criteria, and district curricular standards in a clear and timely manner.
  • Provide opportunities for each student to be an active participant in his/her own learning and assessment.
  • Provide opportunities for discussion of a student’s achievement level among teacher, student, and parents in order to establish mutual goals and identify needed support.
  • Communicate achievement based on a variety of assessment methods given over time and aligned to district curricular standards.
  • Indicate a student’s level of achievement in meeting district curricular standards and nonacademic indicators.
  • Reflect consistent meaning within and among schools in the district.
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6400 – Evaluation Services

Adopted Date

August 3, 2000

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Regulation 6450 - Grading and Reporting

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