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Regulation 2535 - Student Academic Acceleration

​​​​​Acceleration in the Rockwood School District refers to educational strategies which provide opportunities for students who demonstrate advanced performance, or potential for advanced performance, and the social and emotional readiness for acceleration to more rapidly achieve education goals as described herein. Participation in acceleration often is based on individually identified needs and is designed on a case-by-case basis.

The following provides examples of acceleration strategies that may be considered in making decisions appropriate to the individual student. All student assessment data will be factored in a decision. In each instance, the best interest of the student predominates.

Options Applicable in Grades K-12
Curriculum Compacting --- A procedure used to streamline the regular curriculum for students who are capable of mastering it at a faster pace. Pre-testing identifies learning objectives already mastered, and students are allowed to “test out” of certain academic exercises and move on to new material.

Differentiated Instruction --- Consistently using a variety of instructional approaches to modify content, process, and/or products in response to learner readiness, interest, and/or learner profile of academically diverse students.

Grade Skipping * --- The student is moved ahead of normal grade placement. This may be done during an academic year (e.g. placing a third grader directly into fourth grade, or promoting a third grader to fifth grade).

Individually Paced Instruction --- The student is presented with materials that allow him/her to proceed at a self-selected pace.

Subject-Matter Acceleration --- The student is placed for a part of a day with students at more advanced grade levels for one or more subjects without being assigned to a higher grade (e.g. a fourth grader going to fifth grade for science) or the student works for part of a day on material above grade level for one or more subjects within his/her regular classroom.

*  In accordance with Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Regulations Whole-Grade Skipping in kindergarten is not an option.

Options Applicable at the Middle School and/or High School Levels
Challenge Program --- Available for middle school students who qualify by meeting expectations of an assessment matrix based on academic performance.

Advanced Placement --- The student takes a course in high school that prepares him/her for taking an examination that can confer college credit for satisfactory performance.

Distance Learning --- An instructional strategy by which technology is used to allow the student to not physically be in the place where the teaching is taking place. Access to the instructor is gained through technology such as the Internet, interactive videoconferencing, and satellite.

Dual-Enrollment/Credit --- The student is enrolled in course work or summer programs that confer advanced instruction and credit for study (e.g. fast-paced language or math courses offered by universities).

Early Graduation --- Graduate from high school in less than four (4) years based upon current District Policy 2525 – Graduation Requirements.

Elective System --- The student can select a variety of upper level courses for the purpose of meeting his/her educational goals.


2500 – Student Academic Achievement

Adopted Date

August 3, 2000

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Policy 2535 - Student Academic Acceleration

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