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Rockwood School District
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111 East North Street, Eureka, MO 63025 | Phone (636) 733-2000 | Fax (636) 733-8851

High School Price List

​Meals and Entrées

​Adult Breakfast​$2.10
​Secondary Lunch​$2.90
​Secondary Super Lunch​$3.20
​Adult Lunch​$3.35
​Adult Super Lunch​$3.55
​Regular Price Entrée​$2.35
Secondary​ ​Super Price Entrée​$2.80

​A La Carte Items

$0.25 Items

​Mini Rice Krispie Treat​$0.25
Fortune Cookie​$0.25

$0.50 Items

​Cream Cheese / Sour Cream - Indiv Cup​$0.50
​Crackers - Saltine WG - 2 pkgs​$0.50
​Fruit: Fresh, Canned, Frozen​$0.50
​Hot Vegetables / Veggie Boats​$0.50
​Mashed Potatoes​$0.50
​Salad Dressing - 1.5oz cup / Indiv pack​$0.50
​Water, 10oz Bottles​$0.50

​$0.70 Items

​Milk, 8oz Prairie Farms​$0.70
​Juice, 100%​$0.70

​$0.75 Items

​Apple / Strawberry Delights (Fieldstone)​$0.75
​Applesauce, Indiv Cups - All Flavors$0.75
​Bar, Soft Oatmeal Appleways (all flavors)​$0.75​
​Bread: Biscuit/Bagel/Breadstick/Dinner Roll​$0.75​
​Breakfast Square, Darlington Iced Cinnamon​$0.75​
​Cereal: All Bars and Pouches​$0.75​
​Crackers: Animal, Annie's, Keebler, Cheez-It, Goldfish, Scooby Grahams, Appleways - All Flavors​$0.75​
​Craisins & Raisels - All Flavors / Dried Fruit Mixzees$0.75​
Chickpeas: Cheddar / Sea Salt$0.75​
​Cookie Fresh Baked from Cookie Dough / Gingerbread Cookie​$0.75​
​Crystal Light Packets​$0.75​
​Darlington Iced Cinnamon Square​$0.75
​​Egg - Hard Boiled​$0.75​
​Fruit Roll-Up - All Flavors​​$0.75​
Gavin's Cinnamon Granola$0.75​​
Nutri-Grain Bars / Nature Valley Crisps​$0.75​
Powerball / Pretzel, Soft​$0.75​
​Quaker Chewy Granola Bar (all sizes)​$0.75​
Sunflower Seeds, Honey Roast ​$0.75​​
​Sring Cheese / Cheese Cubes (NOT CURDS)​$0.75
​UBR Breakfast Round​$0.75
Zee Zees Graham Crackers (Birthday / Strawberry)$0.75

​$0.80 Items

Fries (#40 Boat)​$0.80
Go-Gurts Tube / 4oz Danimals or Upstate Yogurt​$0.80
Otis Spunkmey​er Muffins / Pop-Tarts - Single Pack​$0.80
Pudding - Zerts & Hunts​$0.80

​$1.00 Items

Bagel w/cream cheese, Pillsbury Cream Cheese Filled​​​$1.00
​Baked Potato​$1.00
​Bar, Cookietree Vanilla Celebration​$1.00
​Bar, Hadley Farms Guava Strawberry Flip​$1.00
​Bar, Zee Zee Cocoa Cherry​$1.00
Brownie - Dave's Bakery / Cookietree​$1.00
​Chips (Variety)​$1.00
Cookie, Cookietree Brand All Flavors / Goodsource Snickerdoodle or Frosted​$1.00
Cookie, Rich's Confetti Cake Frosting Filled or Trpl Choc​$1.00
​Cookie, Appleways Soft (all flavors)​​$1.00
​Cottage Cheese 4oz Cup​$1.00
Cupcakes - Choc or White​​$1.00
​Donut, Plain WG / Dutch Waffle, J&J​​​$1.00
French Toast Sticks (3) / Pancakes / Waffle (with syrup)​​$1.00
​Fruit Snacks (Mott's or Welch's)​$1.00
​Frozen Juice / Sorbet / Italian Ice​$1.00
​Go Big Yogurt Tube​$1.00
​Grandma's Crisps: Blueberry & Vanilla or Chocolate Chip​$1.00
​Hershey's Boxed Milk, 4oz​​$1.00
​Hummus - Zee Zee's​​$1.00
​Ice Cream - All North Star​​$1.00
​Mini Pancakes​​$1.00
​Mixmi Frozen Yogurt Cups (all flavors)​​​$1.00
​Nuts: Flavored Almonds, Peanuts​​$1.00
​Pancake w/ Sausage​$1.00
​Pastry, Cinn Toast & Cocoa Puffs (filled with cream cheese)​$1.00
​Popcorn: Smartfood / Vic's Kettle / Pirate's Booty / Boom Chicka​​$1.00​
​Rice Krispie Treat / Rice Krispie w/ Choc Chp​​$1.00
​Water, 16.9oz​​$1.00
​​Welch's Cool Tropics Frozen Slush​$1.00

$1.25 Items

​Apple Cinn Texas Toast​$1.25
​Bar, Hadley Farms (Raspberry, Cocoa, Cinnamon)​$1.25
BeneFit Bars​$1.25
​Bread Slice - I/W Choc, Cinnamon, Pumpkin​​$1.25
​Cereal, 2oz Cup​$1.25
​Honey Buns​$1.25
​Super Bakery Cookie Cups: Happy BDay / Choc Chip​$1.25
​Queso, 2oz Cup​​​$1.25

$1.35 Items

Crunchmaster Crackers​$1.35
​Can Drinks: Envy / Izze / Switch / La Croix / MM Lt. Lemonade / Bubly​​$1.35

$1.50 Items

​Bongard's Cheese Curds​$1.50
Donuts: Long John / Mini Choc or Powder Sugar Packages​$1.50
​Pop-Tart, 2pk​$1.50
Sia's Italian Ice$1.50​
​V-8 Fusion Juice​​$1.50

$1.75 Items

​All Breakfast Sandwiches​​$1.75
Frittata, Dave's Red Pepper$1.75
​Homefree Gluten Free Cookies (all flavors)​​$1.75
8oz Yogurt / Yogurt Parfait / Banana Split​​$1.75

$2.00 Items

Almond / Soy Milk​$2.00
​Bars: ​Clif Zbars / Kind Bars / Larabars​$2.00
​Greek Yogurt - Oikos​$2.00
​Jerky, Jack Links​$2.00
​Juice: Dole Apple / Orange, 10oz​$2.00
​Tropicana (all flavors)​$2.00
​Kefir - Strawberry and Blueberry$2.00​
​Sparkling Ice / Spindrift / Smartwater / All Tea Brands​$2.00​

$2.25 Items

Gatorade G2, 20oz / Gatorade GZero, 20oz / Powerade Zero, 20oz​$2.25​

$2.50 Items

Naked Juice Smoothie / Hint Water​$2.50

$2.65 Items

YoDots / Rush Bowls​$2.65

$2.95 Items

​Cold Brew Coffee (Mocha, Salted Caramel, Vanilla, Pure Blk)​​$2.95
Vitamin Water / Sobe Water / Smoothie King Smoothies​$2.95