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Eligibility and Past Recipients

A ROSE Award recipient accepts their award

Any individual providing volunteer service to Rockwood or working at a Rockwood location is eligible to nominate or be nominated for the ROSE Award. These individuals might include, but are not limited to, the following: clerical and classroom assistants, community members/representatives, custodians, child nutrition services workers, school counselors, facilities/maintenance, non-teaching professional staff, nurses, parent organization members, secretaries, school volunteers, teachers, administrators, principals, and transportation personnel.

ROSE committee chairs, past ROSE recipients and deceased individuals are not eligible. Students also are not eligible for a ROSE Award. However, students may be considered for a Board Award.

Past Recipients


A selection committee composed of a cross-section of Rockwood patrons and staff members reviews each nomination and then votes on the final 15 recipients.

The winners will be notified in a "prize patrol" manner in early March. ROSE committee chairs and members of Rockwood Communications will set out with balloons and flowers and travel from school to school surprising the winners.

Special Presenter Considerations

During the ROSE Award Ceremony, special presenters honor each ROSE recipient with an introduction. Rockwood Communications will invite a special presenter to perform this role for each of the 15 recipients under these guidelines:

  • The identity of the ROSE special presenter is a secret until the evening of the ROSE Award Ceremony. We'll surprise our ROSE Award recipients and share their contributions with our Rockwood students, staff and communities.
  • Please note that all special presenters must provide Rockwood Communications with a script in advance of the ceremony to ensure it follows district policies and regulations.
  • The special presenter script needs to be within a two-minute time limit in order to provide all ROSE Award recipients with an introduction of similar length. Rockwood Communications will work with all special presenters on the content to ensure the introduction focuses on the contributions of our deserving ROSE recipients.
  • The special presenter may be invited to share their introduction via video, depending on their availability and format of the ROSE Award ceremony.
  • During the ROSE Award ceremony, spouses, children and extended family of the ROSE honoree may sit back and enjoy the program. It's not only a special day for the individual being honored but for their families and guests as well. If the only nominator is a family member, Rockwood Communications will work with the nominator to determine if a spokesperson is needed.