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Rockwood School District

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Social Media Guidelines

We invite you to comment and ask questions on our social media pages. The Rockwood School District is committed to freedom of expression and will not censor posts that may be disagreeable or negative. However, user-generated posts will be hidden and individuals may be blocked when the content of a post:

  • is off-subject or out of context;
  • contains material that is abusive, defamatory, offensive, obscene or involves personal insults or attacks;
  • contains sensitive personal information;
  • is threatening, harassing or discriminatory;
  • incites or promotes violence or illegal activities;
  • contains information that reasonably could compromise individual or public safety;
  • is in violation of the intellectual property rights of another;
  • advertises or promotes a commercial product or service, or any entity or individual;
  • promotes or endorses political campaigns or candidates.

Please note that we do not endorse, nor are we responsible for, the accuracy of the information, opinions, claims or advice shared by other users of our platform. We also reserve the right not to share events submitted to our accounts for promotion.