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Rockwood School District

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Comprehensive Communications Plan

The Rockwood School District is committed to open, honest and ongoing communication with
our school community. We understand that maintaining a two-way conversation with parents and
community members is essential for building relationships. These relationships are the foundation
for a strong school system.

The award-winning Rockwood Communications team is responsible for telling the district’s stories
while also providing clear, current and effective communication with all Rockwood employees,
parents, students and members of the community.

We tell the story of our district and our 20,000+ pre-K-12 students and nearly 3,500 employees
through a variety of publications, electronic communications, broadcasts and events. We also
work with news media to deliver timely and accurate information about our Rockwood school

This comprehensive plan is a working document that is reviewed annually by the
Communications Department. It is used as a basis for the district’s accountability as well as for
providing a framework for future resources and budgetary consideration.

The Comprehensive Communications Plan is intended to do the following:

  1. Implement a communications program that directly helps achieve our goals.
  2. Foster strong relationships with community members.
  3. Provide focus and direction for messages/methods to support the district.
  4. Enable the district to present itself accurately to audiences and promote transparency to foster trust with district patrons.