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Rockwood School District

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School and Community Relations Specialist

School and Community Relations works collaboratively with staff and parents to improve school-to-home and home-to-school communication. The focus is to support schools in developing news and information that builds relationships and develops partnerships within the Rockwood community.


Coordinate strategies that deliver clear, timely and accurate information so our patrons understand and support Rockwood and public education in general.


  • Manage and implement event planning for district events: Board of Education Award ceremonies, Presidents’ Forum Leadership Conference, Rockwood's entry to the Eureka Days Parade and special events.
  • Manage the Peachjar electronic flyer program, including content, approvals and training.
  • Work with PTOs and Presidents’ Forum to assist with parent communication.
  • Research and write accurate, timely and interesting content for school and district websites and communication channels.
  • Collaborate with schools to develop content and maintain pages on school websites.
  • Assist with website development training for Rockwood employees.
  • Collaborate with local municipalities to enhance the district’s partnership at events, such as business expos and parades.
  • Assist with content for Rockwood's social media channels.
  • Manage the Community Counts campaign.


Provide quarterly reports on analytics from school websites, automatic notification systems and mobile app pages.