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Rockwood School District

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Senior Webmaster

Web Communications creates and maintains five distinct websites that serve as hubs for information about the district, its schools, students and staff. Each is a repository of knowledge and narratives with a unique audience and focus. The webmaster focuses on creating tools that allow others to communicate and supports their effective use.


Develop and maintain an online presence that connects multiple parts of the Rockwood community.


  • Develop a suite of websites used to communicate to staff, students, parents and the community.
  • Support the use of smartphones and tablets through mobile-friendly designs and a Rockwood-branded mobile app.
  • Collect and share website statistics with school and department leaders to guide opportunities for improvement.
  • Provide training and instruction for staff to effectively use online tools to communicate.
  • Improve web communication by staying current on trends, applying creative solutions and implementing enhancements to improve the district's electronic communication.


Provide quarterly reports using Google analytics for websites.