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Rockwood School District

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Branding and Logos

A collage of logos from Rockwood and its schools

Why is branding important?


When branding is consistent and easy to recognize, the community feels more comfortable with the district. It also helps set Rockwood apart from other districts. The Rockwood brand represents YOU! You are the brand. Our staff is the brand. Our marketing materials are the brand.


A clear brand strategy helps our staff be successful. It tells them what is expected and how to meet Rockwood's goals.

Word of Mouth

People love to tell others about the brands they like.

User Experience

Parents, staff, students and the community want to know what to expect from Rockwood.


A clear brand strategy helps Rockwood stay focused on our mission.


When people see the Rockwood brand, we want them to feel good about the district.

Using Logos


An approved Rockwood School District logo should be included on all formal district documents and publications sent to the public. Logos should not be redrawn, modified or displayed in rough form.
The logo should be presented in color whenever possible. The color used for the logo is:

  • PMS 541
  • RGB 0,68,115
  • HEX #004473

When color presentation is not possible, black versions of the logo may be used.


School branding is important because it provides recognition, morale, focus and emotion. Your school logo represents YOU. It allows your community to uniquely identify both you and what you stand for.  What are the steps to change a school’s brand or mascot? Contact the communications department to get the process started. Schools that use copyrighted material for their mascot can be liable for legal action.