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Email Etiquette

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Under Missouri Public Records Law, all email messages are public records. Never include anything in an email message that you would be embarrassed to have everyone see.Read the District's full Records Retention Policy and Regulation (1510) and download the Records Retention Manual on the Rockwood website.

According to the Rockwood School District's Regulation 6321, utilizing the network, including the email system for soliciting, advertising, fundraising, commercial purposes or for financial gain, is not allowed unless authorized by the district.


  • Take another look before you send a message
  • Be concise and to the point
  • Answer all questions from sender
  • Respond in a timely fashion
  • Pick up the phone if situation requires more explanation
  • Maintain privacy and FERPA rules
  • Always include a signature
  • Show concern and respect


  • Place blame in email
  • Take it personally
  • Send one-lined responses
  • Hit “reply all” when not necessary
  • Use jargon or slang
  • Email when tension is high
  • Leave subject line blank
  • Type in capital letters