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Media Relations

Dr. Cain speaks with the local news media

The Board of Education encourages Rockwood staff to work cooperatively with the news media regarding coverage of the district, its operations, its programs and accomplishments. News and special events should be submitted to the communications department so they can help spread your message.

At all times, a member of the communications department should be present when students are interviewed or photographed in conjunction with a school or district function. This Board policy is for the safety of the students.

If the media calls your school and wants to interview or photograph a student or staff member, please instruct them to contact the communications department. In like manner, communications will inform the school if such contact originates with them.

If the issue is sensitive or controversial, the chief communications officer will consult with the superintendent. Sensitive or controversial issues include, but are not limited to, the following topics: bullying, drugs, alcohol, sex, gangs, weapons, violence and race.

Additionally, if the topic of interview or photography is sensitive or controversial in nature, parental consent is strongly recommended when students are involved.

What IS News?

Think of news as...


What are you doing in class that could impact St. Louis (help others, provide insight into something new)? Is it tied to a national effort?


We want to share your story before it happens. Call the department of communications ahead of time.


Think about the types of images you see in newspapers, on social media and on television. What will students be doing? What can be seen?


How is your story idea different?

How Do We Promote News?

We have more tools to promote stories than ever before. While securing positive, traditional media coverage remains important to the district, we can can now reach thousands of people using JUST Rockwood-driven communication avenues, which includes social media.

News you submit to the communications department is strategically placed on Rockwood websites, social media outlets, the Rockwood app and enewsletters. We also send it to local news outlets:

  • KTVI Channel 2
  • KMOV Channel 4
  • KSDK Channel 5
  • KPLR Channel 11
  • St. Louis Post-Dispatch
  • West Newsmagazine
  • The Leader (Eureka)

How Can You Help Promote News?

It’s easy. Send an email to Mary LaPak or call 636-733-1144 with your story idea. Every idea has potential. Nothing is too small!

Once you help get the communications department's foot in the door, we will take over from there. We know you are busy. We want to make the process fun and enjoyable for all.

Preparing for an Interview

When the media wants to interview an administrator, principal or staff member, the communications department will always help with preparation. We want you to feel comfortable, relaxed and ready!

  • Do your research: What is the topic of the interview? What are the most important points you want to convey in the interview?
  • Know your key messages: Consider the two or three most important points to make and stick to them.
  • Relax: A vast majority of interviews aren't live. If you stumble, it's okay! You can always start over.

Rockwood employees should never provide certain information to the media:

  • Student discipline issues
  • Student records
  • Investigations or pending litigation
  • Personnel matters or incidents relating to specific employees
  • Real estate transactions
  • Competitive or proprietary information
  • Plans, programs or operations that have not been publicly announced
  • Labor negotiations or contract terms