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Planning Special Events

Local Scouts participate in a special event at Eureka Elementary

District and school events require careful and thoughtful planning. Whether it is a 50th anniversary celebration, an open house or a graduation, special events offer wonderful opportunities to highlight the achievements of our schools and the Rockwood School District.

The communications department wants to make sure your event goes smoothly! The best way to accomplish that goal is to follow a simple timeline.

Special Event Timeline

One month or more out

Establish a budget for the event, create a sample event rundown and establish tentative and confirmed dates on all calendars. You will also want to be sure all speakers, honorary guests and the
communications department are informed of the date.

Four weeks or less out

Contact the print department if printed materials are needed, prepare scripts and speeches for the speakers and contact the communications department about promoting the event. Make sure it is on your school calendar.

Two weeks or less out

Finalize setup, print programs and signage, check audio and video needs, assign staff and student duties and create an announcement on your school website. Also, be sure to share the information with parents (if applicable) through ParentSquare.

Day of event

Confirm set up is complete, test A/V equipment, make sure student greeters are in place, check FERPA status of students attending the event, take pictures and video of event, make sure guests are comfortable and have fun!

After the event

Be sure to share pictures and video with the communications department and on social media!