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Managing ParentSquare Notifications

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Are you finding it difficult to keep up to date with the posts coming from the district and your students' schools? Did you know that you can set your app, text and email notification preferences in ParentSquare?

In this way, Rockwood School District parents and guardians can customize their experience with Rockwood's all-in-one communications platform by choosing if they would like to receive notifications from the district and their students' schools at the time the notifications are sent or whether they like to receive them all at one time, at the end of each day.

Urgent district and school alerts—such as snow days or other closings, for example—will always be sent out immediately to parents regardless of these settings.

How ParentSquare Notifications Work

HOW to Receive Notifications

Notifications come in four possible channels:

  • Email
  • Text Message
  • App Notification
  • Voice calls

App notifications will not be available until the app is downloaded and signed into once.

Voice calls will only happen in specific circumstances, such as urgent alerts or attendance calls.

WHEN to Receive Notifications

There are three possible ways to schedule notifications from each school:

  • Off
  • Instant
  • Digest

Instant notifications are sent as soon as a post is made in ParentSquare for a given school.

Digest notifications are single notifications of all of the posts made in a single day, sent once in the evening.

Turning notifications off doesn't mean you won't see posts at your school; simply visit the ParentSquare Portal or browse the ParentSquare app at your convenience.


Choose the combination of settings that works best for you! Just follow these simple steps for either the ParentSquare Portal website or on the Parent Square app.