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Rockwood School District

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Educational Equity and Access

On July 23, 2020, the Rockwood School District adopted an Equity Resolution. The Equity Resolution states that the Rockwood School District Board of Education and Superintendent want to ensure that every student and staff member can fully realize the District’s mission statement: “We do whatever it takes to ensure that all students realize their potential.” The Department of Educational Equity and Access, (EEA) will utilize The Way Forward, Rockwood’s strategic plan, as a guide to supporting students in fulfilling this mission.

The Department of Educational Equity and Access understands that the entire Rockwood school community plays an integral role in impacting every student's educational career. With that, we identified key groups to support the positive school community we all deserve: Equity Ambassadors, affinity groups, and the Rockwood Equity Parent Advisory Committee (REPAC).

The members of each group volunteer their time and resources, meeting regularly with the Director of Educational Equity and Access to discuss our progress toward the universal equity, opportunity and access goals outlined in The Way Forward.

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Educational Equity and Access
500 N Central Ave
Cassandra Suggs

Cassandra Suggs

Dir Edu Equity & Access
Emily Walshaw

Emily Walshaw