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How to Apply

​​​​​Below are the general steps in applying for an Administrative, Certified or Support position in the Rockwood School District.  How do you know what kind of job is which?​

Please note that there are other or additional procedures for Substitute Teacher,​ Bus Driver​ or Extracurricular​ positions.​

​If you are an internal applicant, eligible for transfer, complete an online internal RSD candidate transfer application (Certified or Support) via SearchSoft​.  For more information see Regulation 4210 - Professional Staff Assignments and Transfer.​ For information on Support transfers see page 12 of the Support Staff Handbook.​ 

Internal Certified Applicants are defined as Rockwood School District Teachers on a Tenure, Probationary or One-Year Only contract of 180 days or more.

Other Rockwood School District employees, including One-Year Only contract teachers on less than a 180-day contract, should follow the directions on this page to apply for certified positions.​

Step 1: 

Apply online with SearchSoft
Applicants must register and submit the appropriate application on SearchSoft.​

Step 2:

Complete your online transfer application
You may exit the program at any time and return to complete it at your convenience.

Step 3:

Indicate Desire Position(s)
View jobs and indicate your interest in specific openings.​

Step 4:

For Administrative positions, applicants to be interviewed will be selected by the Applicant Screening Committee.  If you are selected for an interview, you will be contacted shortly after the posted "Screening Begins" date to schedule an Initial Interview.  For those who advance, Intermediate and Final Interviews will be conducted before a recommendation is made.

For Certified positions, principals will first consider internal applicants.  If needed, principals will screen the online applicants and choose the candidates for building interviews that match the criteria for their openings. Building interviews may include a committee, a team of teachers, counselors and other certified staff in addition to the building principal.

For Support positions, building administrators will first consider internal applicants. In needed, building administrators will screen applicants and choose the candidates for building interviews that match the criteria for the openings.  Building interviews may include a committee of current staff in addition to a building administrator.

After the successful candidate has been selected, a recommendation will be sent to the Human Resources Department.  The finalist, when chosen, will receive an offer from the Human Resources and a recommendation will be taken to the Board of Education for approval.  Unsuccessful candidates who interview in our process will be contacted to let them know that the position has been filled.