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Rockwood School District

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Bus Drivers

Come Work with Us: Rockwood School District Hiring Bus Drivers

In Rockwood, we do whatever it takes to ensure all students realize their potential. We believe our school bus drivers are an important part of this mission.

We pay for experience! Salaries start at $18.92/hr to $28.91/hr. No experience? Call 636-733-8507 and learn about our paid training program. Medical benefits are dependent on the employee's schedule.

  • All full-time employees (40-hour schedule) will be provided the Rockwood standard medical benefits.
  • For employees regularly working less than 30 hours, we may have some complimentary jobs (e.g. food service) that you can apply for to raise your total hours and increase your total compensation.
  • Pension plan: Any employee scheduled to work at least 20 hours per week and at least 600 hours during the school term will participate in the State's education pension plan. The employee and Rockwood will both contribute 6.86% towards the pension benefit. Upon eligible retirement, retirees are entitled to a fixed, monthly benefit for life. All employee contributions, including interest, will remain in the employee's account and will either be paid out during normal retirement or returned to the employee.