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Rockwood School District

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Substitute Teachers and Nurses

Thank you for your interest in substitute teaching with the Rockwood School District.

The daily pay rate for substitute teachers is $118.45. Once a substitute has accumulated 80 (non-continuous) days, the daily rate is $136.99. The daily pay rate for substitute nurses is $125.66.

With your Missouri state certificate, you may apply for a job, depending on your certification (teaching or substitute). On the application in the Confidential References section, be sure to list your last employer/supervisor, including their email address. They must complete the online reference form. Please remember to attach photocopies of valid Missouri Teaching Certificate or Substitute Certificate to your application in the attachment section.

If you are interested in becoming a substitute teacher or nurse in Rockwood, but need to get your Missouri substitute certificate, please visit the DESE website and complete the substitute certification process.

An administrator will review your application once you have applied. You will then be notified if HR would like to schedule an interview. If you have any questions regarding your application file or the hiring process, please call 636-733-2044.

Long-Term Substitutes

When a teacher goes on leave for ten or more days, we need another certified teacher in the classroom for that duration. A leave could be 11 or more days, and includes increased pay rates depending on the length of the leave. Your help in keeping the instruction process for our students uninterrupted is invaluable!

We are seeking appropriately certified teachers to fill these current long-term leaves:

  • English 9-12
  • English 5-9
  • Art K-12
  • Early Childhood B-3
  • Elementary 1-6
  • Physical Education 7-12
  • Spanish K-12

If you are interested in helping us fill these long-term substitute positions and meet the requirements, please contact Lisa Gardner. We look forward to working with you!