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New Teacher Programs

New Teacher Orientation and Rockwood Learning Academy

Three new staff members attend the New Teacher Orientation at the start of the school year

All teachers new to the Rockwood School District are required to attend New Teacher Orientation and Rockwood Learning Academy prior to the start of the school year. The purpose of these learning opportunities is to accomplish the following:

  • Provide new teachers with an overview of the curriculum they will teach.
  • Help new teachers acquire techniques and strategies for student engagement and establishing a culture for teaching and learning.
  • Engage new teachers in developing an understanding the Teaching and Learning Model, including the role of Professional Learning Communities.
  • Provide strategies to create equitable classrooms.

Teachers new to Rockwood focus on creating a culture for teaching and learning. In year two, the professional learning centers on quality assessment FOR/OF learning. In years 3-5 in Rockwood, the emphasis for teachers is on reflective practice to improve teaching and learning. During this time, teachers are given differentiated support in developing their professional learning goals with a mentor.

Principals are required to monitor and support teacher implementation of the above training through observations and post-conferences, since these required courses are part of the teacher evaluation process.

The district provides an abundance of technology training during the summer. During the school year, technology instruction is available upon request, at the school site. Tutorials in Gmail and Infinite Campus set-up are available for teachers on the District's Technology website.

Beginning Teacher Assistance Program

In partnership with Lindenwood University, Rockwood School District implements a Beginning Teacher Assistance Program to assist beginning teachers in fulfilling this Missouri certification requirement. The Beginning Teacher Assistance program provides specific information, practice and reflection for new teachers. The content of this program addresses classroom management, instructional practices, professional planning and certification requirements. Teacher facilitators plan and conduct these training sessions with the support of the Coordinator of Professional Learning.