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Rockwood School District

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Physical Safety

Door locks at a school

Secured Entrances

All Rockwood schools have secured entrances with door-access technology. The exterior door buzzers are controlled with a camera and intercom, thereby requiring visitors to request entrance from trained staff who allow access through the locked doors of the school.

Locked Doors

External doors to school buildings are locked during the school day. After-school Adventure Club areas have locking systems for the protection of students until parents arrive to pick them up from school. In 2022, stickers will be placed on all exterior doors reminding everyone to not prop those doors open.

Consistent, Color-Coded Signage at Every School

Large, readable signs labeling each room in a school hallway

New signage has been installed across the district inside and outside of classrooms and other rooms, as well as on all exterior classroom windows. This is in compliance with new fire ordinances and brings consistency across all Rockwood buildings.

Barricade Safety Glass Film

All school entrances have safety film over glass doors and windows to protect the school from threats of break-ins and severe weather events.

Visitor Management System

Schools have visitor check-in systems to:

  • document all guests who enter the school building, to ensure visitors
  • designate their purpose for the visit,
  • run their name and date of birth against a national sex offender database
  • provide a name badge for visual recognition from staff members

The system is also used to track late arrivals, early dismissals and movement throughout various areas in the school.

Intruder Alarms

All schools have intruder alert systems that are routinely serviced to ensure they are working appropriately. These alert systems are loud notifications that can be heard inside and outside of the school building. In addition and new for 2023-2024, Rockwood is utilizing Raptor Alert in four pilot schools: EHS, Eureka Elementary, Selvidge and Westridge. Raptor Alert is a state-funded emergency alert app that expedites and streamlines emergency response by allowing users to initiate a panic alert directly through 911 and provide critical information to first responders, law enforcement and campus personnel.

911 Alerts

Rockwood utilizes Siren GPS to immediately alert appropriate administrators through a text message anytime 911 is called within the proximity of our schools and buildings. Administrators are then provided additional details by the district safety supervisor. The system also has the ability to share critical building information with first responders.

Internal Locking Features

All teachers have doors on their classrooms that can be locked from the inside of the classroom to ensure quick-reaction times in case of emergencies. Once an intruder alarm is activated, teachers have the ability to lock their doors immediately from inside the classroom. In addition, we have expanded internal locking systems to include all double doors in school areas, such as the gym, library and multi-purpose rooms.

Security camera installed on the ceiling

Security Cameras

All schools have security cameras located in high traffic areas, including hallways, entrances, and common areas. Information Technology provides software updates and security placement to ensure cameras are monitored by school resource officers and school personnel.


Rockwood utilizes a VoiP phone system with the ability to activate an intruder alarm that allows staff to notify 911 emergency responders, as well as school and district safety personnel. The phone system also provides for intercom throughout the school to activate safety information.

Internal Two-way Communication

All school administrators have hand-held, portable, two-way radio transceivers (walkie-talkies) for immediate communication within the school building.

Crisis Call Center

The Rockwood Connect Hotline (636) 733-1155 continues to serve as a phone resource for outgoing mass communication for district-level messaging. In addition, the district has a dedicated number for crisis information (636) 733-8RSD (8773) that we will implement quickly in case of an emergency when there may be an extensive need for increased phone contact with our school community. Rockwood staff members have received training to serve as operators for the incoming calls.

Multi-Layer Cybersecurity

Rockwood Technology maintains a layered cybersecurity approach and implements industry standard best practices to protect student data and information from modern cyber threats.

Bus Safety

School buses have onboard computer systems that provide GPS tracking, security cameras and two-way radios.