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Rockwood School District

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District officials and local first responders meet for safety planning

District Crisis Planning

The administrative leadership team develops emergency management plans at the school and district levels. Central Office staff also monitor the school-based emergency plans and work with school-based, on-site emergency teams. This collaborative team reviews and assesses the readiness of all staff to react in emergency situations.

School Crisis Planning

Each school develops its own crisis plan in partnership with first responders. All emergency management officials have access to individual school safety plans to advise the district on safety procedures. These are covert plans that are not released to the general public in order to maintain confidentiality during a heightened level of crisis response.

Incident Command Meetings

The Rockwood Safety Team partners with our local fire and police districts to meet with each Rockwood school principal in a collaborative effort to review procedures and expectations in the event of an emergency at their school. These important discussions ensure that everyone has a familiarity with our schools and an understanding of what their role would be in a crisis situation.


Local fire and police participate during a drill

Rockwood conducts regular drills to ensure students and staff understand how to respond in case of fire, earthquake, tornado and intruders. In addition and new for 2023-2024, Rockwood is utilizing Raptor Drill Manager in all schools. Raptor Drill Manager is a state-funded app that automates scheduling, conducting and reporting on drills. This is key to analyzing drill performance, maintaining compliance, and creating muscle memory for a real-life emergency. District-level and school-level reports show drill status and crucial insights to help schools improve with each drill.

Supervision of Schools

All school administrators review their arrival and dismissal procedures and minimize the number of doors students and staff may access in the school. In addition, school administrators, SROs, and/or trusted adults remain visible during start and dismissal times to ensure an added layer of security.

Mental Health Resources

If a student exhibits viable concerning behaviors relating to school, the district may request a mental health evaluation from a trusted community resource. In addition, local law enforcement may be requested to conduct a safety check of a student’s home with the family present to determine a safety risk.

Community Partnerships

As needed, Rockwood employs a third-party evaluation of student mental health and behavior to determine child safety and school safety.