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Special Education

Special education and related services are available for students with educational disabilities starting on their third birthday and continuing to age 21.


Preschool aged children with special needs who are eligible for special education services can access those services in a variety of educational environments by contacting the Rockwood Early Childhood Special Education Department.

Loretta Dunkmann

Loretta Dunkmann

Coor Ecse Process & Diagnostic

Kindergarten-12th Grade

For students Kindergarten-eligible through twelfth grade, special education services are provided by a wide array of professionals within the Rockwood School District through a partnership with the St. Louis County Special School District. These professionals include special education teachers, speech/language pathologists, and occupational/physical therapists. Questions regarding special education can be directed to:

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Carmen Harris

Carmen Harris

Special Education Director
Jamie Smith

Jamie Smith

Coordinator Sped/504/Homebound

For children 5-21 years old who reside in Rockwood and are home-schooled or attend a private/parochial school in Rockwood that may have special education needs, parents should contact the Special School District to inquire about the special education process at 314-989-8235‚Äč.