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Rockwood School District
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Parent Resources


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Special School District (SSD) of St. Louis County offers key resources designed to specifically support parents, guardians, and families in our county and beyond. There is an office dedicated to parent education and diversity awareness (PEDA) as well as a Parent Advisory Council (PAC), comprised of families working together to improve the education, confidence and social outcomes of each student served by SSD.

Parent Education and Diversity Awareness Program

The PEDA office utilizes a number of strategies and resources to network with families in St. Louis County. The priority focus for PEDA includes meaningful inclusion, equity, family engagement and collaborative relationships which will support student success and living their best self-determined lives.

SSD Parent Education and Diversity Awareness Program

Parent Connection Newsletter​

Parent Advisory Council

The PAC consists of five parents or guardians, one member, and four alternates, from each of the 22 St. Louis County school districts, as well as the five SSD special education schools. The parents or guardians of students receiving special education services in that district or school elect SSD PAC members.

SSD Parent Advisory Council

Rockwood School District is represented on this council by the following individuals: Ashley Harrison Lawson and Veronica Leach. If you have questions, want assistance or information regarding SSD's PAC, please em​ail us.