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Rockwood School District
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111 East North Street, Eureka, MO 63025 | Phone (636) 733-2000 | Fax (636) 733-8851

Special Education Administrator Contacts

​​​​For parents of children attending a private/parochial school in the Rockwood School District, or residents who are home-schooled, that suspect their child has an educational disability and are seeking an evaluation for special education services, please contact the Special Education SNAP Office at (314) 989-8239. View the full contacts list in PDF.​

​Area Coordinators

Christine Ude ​
(314) 989-8373
Eureka High

Ellen Kenkel
(314) 989-8226
Babler Elementary
Fairway Elementary
Crestview Middle

Stacy Heuberger​
(314) 989-8384
Bowles Elementary
Kellison Elementary
Stanton Elementary
Rockwood South Middle

Dr. Tony Lasley
(314) 989-8222
Uthoff Valley Elementary
Rockwood Summit High

Emily Milligan
(314) 989-8454
Ballwin Elementary
Woerther Elementary
Selvidge Middle

Julie Powers
(314) 989-8583
LaSalle Springs Middle
Kehrs Mill Elementary

Westridge Elementary

Lauren Rayfield
(314) 989-8573
Ellisville Elementary
Wild Horse Elementary
Wildwood Middle

Dr. A
my Blumenfeld
(314) 989-8452
Marquette High

Shannon Seger
(314) 989-8572
Chesterfield Elementary
Pond Elementary
Ridge Meadows Elementary
Rockwood Valley Middle

Shay Forsythe
(314) 989-8448
Lafayette High
Green Pines Elementary

Shauna Carney
(314) 989-8345
Blevins Elementary
Eureka Elementary
Geggie Elementary
Individualized Learning Center

​Contact Information

Dr. Carmen Harris​
Special School District
Director of Special Education

Mandy Lloyd
Administrative Assistant
(314) 989-8249

​Additional Contact Information

Kathryn Anderson
(314) 989-7942

Diana Reynolds
(314) 989-7950

Nikki Shrum
Literacy Coach
(314) 989-7985

Michelle Levi-Perez​
Parent Education Diversity
(314) 989-7867