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Rockwood School District

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Foster Care

The Rockwood Board of Education is committed to the identification, needs assessment and enrollment of foster care children living within the district.

For purposes of Board policies and regulations, "foster care students" include students under the age of eighteen or in the custody of the Division of Family Services of the Department of Social Services of the State of Missouri, residing in a private residence of one or more family members providing twenty-four-hour care to one or more but less than seven children who are unattended by parent or guardian and who are unrelated to either foster parent by blood, marriage, or adoption.

Foster Care Liason

If a foster care situation arises, please contact Rockwood's Foster Care Point of Contact and Liaison:

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Dispute Resolution Process

If the educational decision-maker or parent disagrees with the Best Interest Determination (BID), the LEA shall inform them in a language and format understandable, of their right to appeal the BID. They shall also be provided the following:

  1. The contact information for the LEA foster care point of contact.
  2. An explanation of the Best Interest Determination.
  3. A step-by-step description of how to dispute the BID (Level I procedure).
  4. A statement ensuring the student shall remain in the school of origin, receiving all appropriate educational services, until the dispute reaches its final resolution.
  5. Timelines for resolutions of the dispute at each level.
  6. Notice of the right to appeal to the SEA if the local-level resolution is not satisfactory.