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Sexual Misconduct

A student, while on school grounds, school buses or while attending a school-sponsored activity, shall not forcibly and/or intentionally touch another person’s sex organs or any other body part in a way which constitutes sexual contact whether or not such touching occurs through clothing. Nor shall a student knowingly expose the sex organs or body parts under circumstances in which such conduct is likely to be offensive or otherwise inappropriate. Nor shall a student(s) knowingly enter or cause others to enter an area reserved for a person of the opposite sex. Nor shall a student use a camera, camera cell phone, or other imaging device to take pictures or record any image of students or others in locations or under circumstances (1) where such persons are partially clothed, including but not limited to, rest rooms or locker rooms and other changing areas; (2) when such images otherwise violate commonly held standards of privacy, including but not limited to, taking or attempting to take pictures underneath the clothing of another person; or (3) where students or others have some other reasonable expectation of privacy with respect to their person or conduct, including but not limited to, receipt of health care (and/or special education or other services related to a disability, even if not directly related to sexual misconduct). Nor shall a student use a camera, cell phone, or other device to take or record sexually explicit pictures, videos, or audio, regardless of whether all individuals involved are willing participants.

Students involved in such behavior will be suspended for 3-10 school days out-of-school with a possible recommendation for a suspension up to an additional 170 school days, and/or expulsion.