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1-to-1 Technology

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Rockwood students are benefiting from our continued commitment to increasing technology in our schools. Students in secondary schools are being issued Chromebooks to support their learning in a four-year rollout program.

Secondary students take the device home at the end of the school day, where they can continue their learning through online collaboration and access learning resources. Then, students bring the device back to school the next day to continue their learning in the classroom.

  • Personalizing Education: With digital curriculum and online collaboration with their teachers, students are learning to dig deeper, apply knowledge and solve problems from math to music.
  • Effective Educators: Teachers receive frequent and reoccurring professional development so they can incorporate technology into lessons. In the end, it's not the device that matters, it's teachers providing students with tools they need to connect them with their learning.
  • Real-Time Feedback: Teachers are using technology to assess student learning, almost as it happens. Teachers can re-teach or individualize material if needed, and move on if everyone understands. All of this improves achievement.
  • Digital Citizenship: To help students understand their role in the proper use of technology and the permanence of their digital footprint, Rockwood focuses on the digital health, safety and wellness in all students. Our curriculum guides students toward making good choices, avoiding inappropriate content and preventing cyberbullying.
  • Protecting Students: Safety and security is a top priority. Filters on all District devices block inappropriate sites, whether the device is on or off campus, and only District-approved apps can be downloaded. A recent systems audit by an independent agency gave Rockwood an above standard rating for network security - the highest in the industry.

If you are purchasing a case or sleeve for your student's Dell 3100 Chromebook, the dimensions are:

Height Width Depth
0.81 in. / 20.75 mm 11.94 in. / 303.3 mm 8.11 in. / 206 mm
Rockwood School District 1:1 Chromebook Implementation