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Rockwood School District
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Frequently Asked Questions

​​​Please find answers to the most frequently asked questions below.  Do you have a question not answered here or elsewhere on the Rockwood Transportation website?  Please call (636) 733-8500​.​​

​Our Rockwood elementary school bus stops will be consistent with the routing and bus stop locations from last school year. Families may notice small modifications to make routes more efficient. This is part of our annual review of school bus routes.​

Rockwood School District allows for the distance to a bus stop from home to be the following:

  • three-tenths (3/10) of a mile for elementary students.
  • five-tenths (5/10) of a mile for secondary students.

Rockwood bus stops are generally located at corners or intersections, which is a safe option due to the slowing of traffic. The designated area for bus stops must be within a bus length to the corner, which is approximately 40 feet.

Cul-de-Sacs are generally avoided as a standard-size passenger bus requires 115-foot radius to safely turn.

Private roads are also avoided because they may not be maintained reliably and require permission from the owners to travel them.  The road must be wide enough for the bus and oncoming traffic to safely pass each other at any point in the road and also provide for safe visibility.

In addition, Rockwood works with local police departments to ensure bus stops are not located near homes of registered sex offenders.

The Rockwood School District Board approves school bus routes in August prior to the start of the school year.​​​

Rockwood Transportation utlizes routing software to determine the most efficient routing system for Rockwood school buses, and then recommends these routes for Board approval.

​Missouri law requires that all bus stops be a minimum 500 feet apart. Under Missouri State Law students living more than three and one-half miles from school must be provided transportation service.

​If a student leaves something on his or her bus, please call 636-733-8500 or 636-733-8515​ in the Fenton area​.

​Rockwood Transportation will send a text message to the parents of students on the delayed bus routes caused by poor weather conditions or other situations.  Text messages will be sent via our automatic notification system.  Learn more about Rockwood's automatic notifications system and opt-in for text messaging​​.​

As always, if parents have concerns about the bus delay and require immediate status information, they should call Rockwood Transportation at 636-733-8500​​.

​Our Rockwood school bus drivers utilize a bidding procedure that is based upon multiple factors and aligns with union guidelines. The focus is to ensure an experienced, highly qualified school bus driver for every route.​