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Kindergarten Parent Letter

​To Parents of Kindergarten Students

During the first several days of school, please take the time to introduce yourself to your child's bus driver. By letting the driver know your name and giving them the opportunity to know you and your child, will go a long way in creating a trusting relationship.

Rockwood School District policy is to have a parent or authorized guardian present at the child's bus stop in both the morning and the afternoon. This practice ensures the safe pickup and delivery of our precious little ones each day. It is very important for you to know your child's scheduled stop times. To find this information please visit the Rockwood School District's Transportation Website and click on E-Link​. Your username and password is your child's student ID number.

Kindergarten students, that do not have a parent or guardian at their stop in the afternoon, will not be allowed off the bus and may be taken back to school. This can be a traumatic experience for your child.

We do understand that things can happen and on a rare occasion, you might not be able to be at your child's stop on time. When this happens, please call the school or the Transportation Department at 636-733-8500 to make arrangements. We may be able to return to your child's stop a little later when you can be there. This notification will also give us a heads up if we have to bring your child back to school.

Thank you in advance for being at your Kindergartner's stop on time each day.

The Rockwood Transportation Department is committed to the safest possible transportation of every student.

Michael Heyman
Director of Transportation