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Lead Testing


  • The EPA standard for acceptable lead levels in drinking water is less than 15 ppb (parts per billion).
  • The Get the Lead Out of School Drinking Water Act requires that school building water sources contain a lead content of less than 5 ppb.
  • If all tested water sources in a building test less than 5 ppb, that building will not be required to test again for a five (5) year period.
  • If a water source is identified to be producing lead levels greater than 5 ppb, annual testing will be required for that building until remediation efforts are proven successful.

The district is only responsible for testing water sources that are defined as drinking water sources or water sources utilized for food preparation. All non-applicable water sources will require signage to be installed in an effort to indicate the water is non-potable and not intended to be a source of drinking water.


Kitchen Three-Well Sinks and Hand Washing Stations

These sources are required by the Health Department and are already being remediated by Rockwood Facilities. This will initially include the removal and replacement of the faucet aerators, where, over time, tiny particles of lead can break off and get trapped. SCI will then perform a two-draw test on those sources to assist with further troubleshooting should the aerator replacement not solve the issue. This site will be updated with those results as they are received. UPDATE: Nov. 20: All impacted kitchens have been remediated (aerators removed/replaced) and testing was completed by SCI on Nov. 16-17.  This site will be updated with those results as they are received.  

Water Fountains and Bottle Filling Stations

Rockwood is in the process of putting together an expedited Request for Proposal (RFP) for services to remediate the water outlets that exceeded the established threshold of 5 ppb. Each of those outlets, once remediated or replaced, will then be retested by SCI. This site will be updated with those results as they are received. UPDATE: The facilities department has now executed the procurement process for the contracted services portion of remediation activities. This agreement will be on the January 18 Board meeting agenda for formal approval. 

Combination Ovens

The district is currently under contract with two vendors who are already working to replace the filters in the impacted combi-ovens. SCI is prepared to test promptly and provide rapid turnaround on the results. This site will be updated with those results as they are received. In the meantime, the combination ovens, which can be used with steam and convection are being utilized in "dry" mode only.

Results by School