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Rockwood School District

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Maps and Boundaries

County property taxing records determine if a property is in the Rockwood School District.Please note that this map is only intended as a guide for our community. To verify official attendance boundaries or school assignment, please contact the Transportation Department at 636-733-8500. Families with enrolled students may determine which bus their children will ride, bus stop times and more on My Ride K-12, Rockwood's online transportation information system.

Interactive Map

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School Boundaries

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You may enter your home address in the field below. A list of possible matches will be displayed. Choose the correct one to place a marker on the map.

Click or tap on within the boundary that contains your address marker to view information about that area. You may also select a school marker to view contact information for that location.

Feeder Patterns

When elementary students graduate and move on to middle school (and then onto our high schools), their school assignments follow specific patterns.

* Ridge Meadows and Pond both feed two middle schools and two high schools.
Ellisville feeds one middle school and two high schools.