About Us

  • Mission Statement

    The mission of Bowles Elementary School is to provide a safe and orderly learning environment where children are accepted, welcomed and challenged to reach their full potential in educational, cultural and social development. Our aim is that every child will have the opportunity to become a lifelong productive citizen and a self-motivated learner who is respectful of individual differences. We will accomplish this through a quality curriculum with the support, guidance and encouragement of the staff, parents, students and the community.

    Purpose and Vision Statements

    Our purpose at Bowles Elementary is to teach the district curriculum and to assure that students have learned that curriculum. We do so by providing appropriate instruction, frequent assessments to determine progress, and resources/strategies to support those students who have not yet mastered the curriculum.

    Our Vision

    Imagine a Bowles community:

    • where all students experience success, learning for all, whatever it takes.
    • where all decisions are based upon what is best for students.
    • where collaboration occurs continuously among all stakeholders to support students' learning.
    • where we are all working as a committed team to close achievement gaps, accelerate student learning, and obtain recognition as a world-class school.
    • where caring is an everyday experience and students are treated as individuals with specific needs.
    • where quality media center resources and current technology are seamlessly integrated into daily instruction.

    We strongly encourage you to visit our warm, friendly learning environment at Bowles Elementary School. We spend every minute educating our children's hearts and minds for the future.