About Us

  • Welcome to Green Pines Elementary!

    We are currently celebrating 25 years of learning in a dynamic community where academic excellence is reached in a caring, collaborative, and rigorous school environment.  We are the home of the gators and demonstrate our Gator Pride through demonstrating our Green Pines character treasures.   The Green Pines learning community is a great place to learn, make friends, and have fun.  It is our goal to promote academic and social achievement of every student.  We would be proud to include you and your family as part of our dynamic learning community! 


    Green Pines Elementary School's mission is to maximize each student's learning, achievement and sense of self-worth within a safe and caring environment.  In partnership with parents, staff, students and the community, the school will help students become responsible citizens who are life-long learners.

    Gator Pledge

    As a Green Pines Gator, I pledge to be responsible and respectful.
    Each day I will take responsibility for learning all I can.
    I will keep my school safe and bully-free.
    I will treat others with kindness and care.
    I will be self-controlled, make good decisions, and encourage others.
    I promise to always do my best and nothing less;
    Because I am a leader!