About Us

  • Uthoff Valley Elementary School implements a variety of strategies to optimize student learning. The staff, students, parents and community participate in the education process and provide an opportunity-rich environment for all students who attend. Our school continually strives to increase student achievement.


    We do whatever it takes to ensure all students realize their potential.

    To fulfill our mission, we provide support services to promote student learning, monitor student achievement through ongoing assessments, adjust instructional practices to ensure that individual learning needs are met for all students, and we foster an environment that promotes good character.

    Fundamental to our mission is collaborative decision making. This includes a competent and caring staff, parents as partners, effective management of resources, and a safe, positive, and nurturing environment.


    The vision of Uthoff Valley Elementary is to unite as a professional learning community. We envision a school in which staff, parents, students, and the school community:

    • Join together to achieve a common purpose and clear goals.
    • Work in collaborative teams.
    • Seek and implement appropriate strategies for integrating technology into the learning process.
    • Assess student progress and adjust instruction to ensure everyone in the community learns.
    • Create a caring school community.