Welcome to the Library!

  • Lori Countryman is the librarian. Please feel to contact her with questions or concerns.


    The mission of the library media program is to provide a well-organized array of quality material that supports the curriculum, stimulates academic achievement, and encourages the development of lifelong learners and readers.

    Fixed Schedule

    All students enjoy coming to the library weekly. During this time, they may check out materials, hear a story, learn how to take care of books, or participate in a lesson.  For example, the lessons may support the classroom or library curriculum or be on online safety.

    Students may come to the library individually or in small groups  to check out new materials.  All of the programs and activities encourage the students to become avid readers and independent researchers.

    Parent Volunteers

    Do you love books, children, or computers?  We could use your help in Bowles' Library Media Center.  Parent volunteers are always needed and welcome!

Lori Countryman


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