About Us

  • rockwood-valley-entranceWelcome to Rockwood Valley!

    RVMS’s staff works to provide a school environment that is safe, orderly and conducive to learning. Students and staff share respectful and cooperative attitudes facilitated by a character education curriculum that is integrated into all subject areas.

    Mission Statement

    All Rockwood Valley Middle School students will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to become life-long learners as well as self-directed and responsible citizens.

    RVMS Vision

    Curriculum and Instruction

    • Is standards-based, student-centered, and research-based.
    • Challenges all students.
    • Recognizes and accommodates individual differences.
    • Allows all students to experience success.
    • Emphasizes literacy skills across all subject areas.
    • Emphasizes the integration and interdependence of all curricular areas. 
    • Integrates character education and the use of technology into all curricular areas.
    • Utilizes a wide variety of effective instructional methods.
    • Fosters independent work habits and organizational skills.

    School Climate

    • Expects consistently high behavior from all students.
    • Fosters a warm and caring environment that is emotionally and physically safe.
    • Promotes a clean, healthy, and orderly environment.
    • Encourages enthusiasm for learning.


    • Accept responsibility for their decisions and for their learning.
    • Model positive character traits.
    • Work cooperatively with other students and with staff members.
    • Engage actively and appropriately in learning.
    • Respect the individual differences of all students and staff members.
    • Display a desire to learn and an appreciation for knowledge.


    • Focus on meeting the needs of students.
    • Demonstrate commitment to the school’s vision and to its School Improvement Plan.
    • Hold high expectations for student success.
    • Contribute to a school team that is marked by camaraderie, collegiality, professionalism, and respect.
    • Commit to shared leadership and shared decision-making.
    • Model a commitment to school improvement, personal professional development, and collaborative professional development.
    • Facilitate positive relationships between community members, parents, staff, and students.


    • Actively engaged in students’ education.
    • Support the staff and students.
    • Facilitate effective two-way communication among school, parents, and the community.