• Welcome to the Wildwood Middle School Activities Program.  We are happy to offer an activities program that encourages you to explore new areas of interest, to develop some new skills, and, in some instances, to improve physical fitness.  It is our hope to provide all of them in an environment which allows students to learn, to socialize, and have fun!

    It is important for you to know that you don't have to be "good" in an activity to sign up or participate.  On the contrary, the program offers the opportunity to explore new areas of interest, as well as those you already enjoy.  The benefits for you in such a program – increased confidence, improved social skills, improved ability to work as part of a team and enhanced physical fitness and coordination – are well documented, both now and for your future.

    The activities fall into five main areas:  academic support, clubs, competitions, lifetime leisure activities, and sports.  Our goal is for all students to participate in some activity during the course of the school year.

General Information

  • Who may participate?

  • What is expected of me?

  • When are activities held?

  • Where will the activities be held?

  • How do I sign up for an activity?

  • How do I get home after an activity?

  • Why should I get involved in activities at Wildwood?

District Intramural Activities

  • Rockwood School District and the Rockwood Middle Schools will conduct a variety of activities for students throughout the school year.  Some of them are open to all students and some will require tryouts.  At the current time, activities are offered in Cross Country, Volleyball, and Track & Field.