Choosing Rockwood Early Childhood

  • Early Childhood Education is where character education begins! This year the Rockwood Early Childhood program was named a State School of Character for their exemplary work related to character development in young learners.

    The Rockwood Early childhood Center has a long standing reputation for excellence in educating children from birth to kindergarten entrance in programs including: Parents As Teachers, Screenings, Mini-Preschool, Half-Day Preschool, Full-Day Preschool, Diagnostics and Special Education.

    All teachers are certified by the State of Missouri in Early Childhood Education and/or Early Childhood Special Education.

    The Early Childhood Preschool program has a board approved curriculum that is aligned with the high standards of Rockwood Curriculum.

    Rockwood’s Early Childhood program has resources available to meet the individualized needs of their learners.

Why Choose Rockwood?

  • School Board Approved Curriculum!

  • State Certified Degreed Teachers!

  • Low Student/Teacher Ratios!

  • Technology!

  • Rich and Engaging Classrooms!

  • Parent/Teacher Conferences!

  • Purposeful Play!

  • Positive Approach to Learning!