• The ultimate purpose of the library media program is to prepare graduates who, by instruction and practice, have gained the ability to access, evaluate, select and utilize the most useful information from a vast collection of sources and formats.

    It is the intent of the Rockwood School District Library Media program to provide the means for supporting students in their development and growth as life-long readers and thinkers. These means include:

    • The integration of information literacy skills throughout all subject area curriculums.
    • A resource-based approach to promoting information literacy by implementing a program based upon teacher/librarian collaboration.
    • A wide range of resources, non-fiction and fiction, in a variety of formats to support subject area curriculums, personal interests, and recreational reading.
    • Maximum access to LMC resources and personnel by students and teachers throughout the school day (Flexible Access).
    • Opportunities for students to cultivate a life-long appreciation for learning and reading through successful experiences in the Library Media Center.
    • Current and reliable electronic resources including on-line subscription databases and equipment to meet the needs of students and staff, while supporting the district guidelines for Technology Competencies.

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Margaret Sullivan

Library Lead