Proposition P - Unofficial Election Results

  • On April 5, 2022, Rockwood stakeholders voted on Proposition P.

    The unofficial election results posted on April 5 from St. Louis County and Jefferson County show that Proposition P did not meet the 50% +1 requirement for passing.

    "Although this was not the result we were hoping for, we are committed to working with Dr. Ricker and our financial team to do what is best for the students of the Rockwood School District," said Board of Education President Jaime Bayes. "Our administrative team will regroup and attempt to understand why Prop P was not passed by voters and make a plan from there. Certainly, our common goal of ensuring that our students continue to achieve at the highest level and reach their full potential will bridge any differences and guide our efforts moving forward."


    St. Louis County 

    Jefferson County 


    Proposition P

    10,505 Yes 49.12%

    10,882 No  50.88%

    305 Yes 42.30%

    416 No  57.70%

    10,810 Yes 48.90%

    11,298 No 51.10%


    Tuesday, April 5, 2022 is Election Day

    Prop P logo


    The Rockwood School District Board of Education has voted unanimously to place a proposition on the April 5, 2022, ballot to authorize the district to establish a dedicated annual funding source for cycle maintenance projects. This funding source would eliminate the need to borrow funds and pay interest on scheduled upgrades and maintenance items, ultimately saving taxpayer dollars. Proposition P would essentially result in a transfer of funds by increasing the operating tax levy by $0.54 and subsequently reducing the debt service levy by the same amount, resulting in a zero-tax-rate increase.

    If approved, Prop P would be phased in over a four-year period, and the resulting operating funds would amount to approximately $25 million annually when fully phased in. The funds could only be used for maintenance and upgrades for items such as roofing, flooring, HVAC, technology, security systems, cybersecurity, data protection and athletic facilities. Funds will not be used for daily operating expenses like salaries, utilities and supplies.

    “This transfer has been part of our long-term strategic financial plan for years,” shared Chief Financial Officer Paul Northington. “Originally, we did not expect to go to the voters with this request until 2025-2026. However, improved economic conditions and recent refunding of existing debt has improved that timeline. In Rockwood, we understand that spacious, well-maintained schools are necessary to equip students with the tools for success, and this is a common-sense, responsible way to address those annual maintenance needs without incurring interest costs.”

    Proposition P will require a simple majority to pass.

    Here is the complete language that will appear on the April 5, 2022, ballot:


    Shall the Board of Education of the Rockwood R-VI School District, St. Louis County, Missouri be authorized to increase the District's operating tax levy ceiling by $0.54 to $3.9562 per $100 of assessed valuation for school purposes including paying general operating expenses and funding capital improvements, resulting in no estimated increase to the total tax levy due to expected reductions in the debt service levy totaling $0.54 per $100 of assessed valuation? If this proposition is approved, the adjusted operating tax levy of the District is estimated to be $3.9562 per $100 of assessed valuation.

    By voting yes, stakeholders are not voting for a tax increase. They are voting yes to give Rockwood permission to move funds from debt service to operating for general operating purposes and capital improvements. The ballot language is clear that this will not result in a tax increase: “...resulting in no estimated increase to the total tax levy.”

    We would be transferring, penny for penny, from debt service to the capital projects fund, if Prop P is passed.

Before Transition
Text alternative for this chart is in the data table below.
Category Tax Rate
before Transition
Tax Rate
after Transition
Incidental $1.2967 $1.2967
Teachers $1.8340 $1.8340
Debt Service $0.6800 $0.1400
Capital $0.0800 $0.6200
Total Tax Rate $3.8907 $3.8907