The Process to Pathways

  • The Pathways logoIn Spring 2021, the Rockwood School District convened an Alternative Education Committee to reimagine the district's alternative education programs and the former Individualized Learning Center (ILC).

    The Alternative Education Committee brought together students, parents, teachers, staff and administrators with the purpose of asking questions, listening, evaluating and taking an even closer look at what we can do better in alternative education in Rockwood. Throughout the 2021-2022 school year, the committee evaluated ways to enhance educational opportunities and alternative programming to help meet the needs of all students through new resources and opportunities beyond the traditional alternative high school experience for our students.​

    The result of the committee's work is Pathways, a multi-tiered system of alternative education supports aimed at meeting the academic, social, emotional and physical needs of the students who will utilize its services beginning with the 2022-2023 school year.

    Pathways has four different levels of resources available for students:

    • Restore
    • Refresh
    • Personalize
    • Wellness Center (housed in the former ILC in Eureka)

    We understand that every student is unique in terms of educational background, learning ability and interests. An alternative education program serves our students by providing resources and opportunities beyond a traditional high school experience, so all students are able to achieve success and graduate from high school. The Al​ternative Education Committee will develop and recommend a proposal for the future of alternative education in Rockwood.

    We believe that all students can learn in their home school or traditional school setting when the appropriate academic interventions are in place and that meeting the mental and emotional needs of our students is foundational to any and all academic success.