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Ellisville Elementary
 Blevins Elementary and Lafayette High were honored as 2019 National Schools of Character Missouri Gold Star School The Rockwood Advantage

1425 Froesel Dr, Ellisville, MO 63011 | Phone (636) 891-6600 | Fax (636) 891-8853

Policies and Procedures


  • Raising Boys: Why Boys are Different by Steve Biddulph

  • Raising Cain: Protecting The Emotional Life of Boys by Dan Kindlon

  • Speaking of Boys by Michael Thompson

  • The Wonder of Boys by Michael Gurian

  • Why Boys Don't Talk-and Why it Matters by Susan Morris Shaffer

  • Bringing Up Boys: Manual for for Sole Mothers by Jo Howard


  • Odd Girl Out by Rachel Simmons

  • Queen Bees and Wannabees by Rosalind Wiseman

  • Girl War:12 Strategies That Will End Female Bullying by Cheryl Dellasega

  • Father to Daughter:Life Lessons on Raising a Girl by Harry H. Harrison Jr.

  • Raising Confident Girls: 100 Tips for Parents and Teachers by Elizabeth Hartley-Brewer

  • Raising Girls by Gisela Preuschoff

  • Girls Will Be Girls: Raising Confident and Courageous Daughters by JoAnn Deak

  • Growing a Girl by Dr. Barbara Mackoff

Social Issues

  • Easing the Teasing: Helping Your Child Cope with Name-Calling, Ridicule, and Verbal Bullying by Judy S. Freedman

  • Sticks and Stones: 7 Ways Your Child Can Deal with Teasing, Conflict, and Other Hard Times by Scott Cooper

  • Helping Your Child Solve Social Problems by Michael Thompson

Learning Concerns

  • Learning Disabilities A to Z: A Parent's Complete Guide to Learning Disabilities by Corinne Smith

  • Understanding Learning Disabilities: A Parent Guide and Workbook by Learning Disabilities Council

  • Why is My Child Having Trouble At School? by Barbara Z. Novick

  • Home is a Learning Place by Martin S. Weiss

Other Concerns

  • Understanding ADHD: A Practical Guide for Teachers and Parents by William N. Bender

  • Taking Charge of ADHD: The Complete Authoritative Guide for Parents by Russell A. Barkley

  • The ADHD Handbook: A Guide for Parents and Professionals by Alison Munden

  • The ADHD Book of Lists by Sandra F. Rief

  • The Girl's Guide to ADHD by Beth Walker

  • Asperger's Syndrome: A Guide for Parents and Professionals by Tony Attwood

  • The Bipolar Child by Demitri Papolos M.D.

  • Survival Strategies for Parenting Children with Bipolar Disorder by George T. Lynn

  • Pretending to be Normal by Tony Atwood

  • From Chaos to Calm: Effective Parenting for Challenging Children with ADHD and other Behavior Problems by Janet E. Heiniger

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders: The Complete Guide to Understanding Autism, Asperger's Syndrome, Pervasive Developmental Disorder, and other ASDs by Chantal Sicile-Kira

  • Asperger's Syndrome and Difficult Moments by Brenda Smith Myles

  • Cory Stories: A Kid's Book About Living with ADHD by Jeanne Kraus

  • The Explosive Child by Ross W. Greene

  • Thinking in Pictures by Temple Grandin

  • Social Skills Training for Children and Adolescents with Asperger Syndrome and Social-Communications Problems by Jed Baker Ph.D